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Fly Fishing On The Test

Original photolithograph after Lionel Edwards
Signed and titled in pencil by the artist
Published c1950
Approximately 9 x 11 inches
Gallery Price £395

Football - Great Dean's Yard, Westminster

Original hand coloured lithograph after C W Radclyffe c1850
One of the earliest depictions of Football
Image size 9 x 12 inches

For What We Are About to Receive

Original photolithograph
Published c1925
Image size 10 x 13 images
Gallery Price £195

Fore & Bunkered

Pair of Chromolithographs
Published c1910
Gallery Price £980 the pair

Gentleman Unafraid

Lithograph By Snaffles
Signed and blindstamped.
Published by Fores
Gallery Price £895

Golf Traditional Sport

Chromolithograph from the set of Traditional Sports
Special Seasonal offer £950 for a set of six or £250 each

Handle With Care

By Cecil Aldin
PUblished c1925
Approximately 10 x 14 inches
Gallery Price £195

Henley Regatta

Photolithograph published c1960.
Gallery Price £425


Original chromolithograph from the set of Traditional British Sports
Signed in pencil by Cecil Aldin
Gallery Price £325
Special Seasonal offer £950 for a set of six or £250 each

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