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A Reserved Seat

Orignal chromolithograph
After Cecil Aldin
Signed in pencil


Original photolithograph by Cecil Aldin
Published c1925
Gallery Price £245

Dignity and Impudence

Original lithograph by Cecil Aldin
Gallery Price £245

Great Northumberland Ox

Original hand coloured engraving
Published c1828
12 x 14 1/2 inches
Extremely rare, not in the Rothampsted Collection Catalogue
Gallery Price £575


Photolithograph after Cecil Aldin
Dated c1925
Pencil signed by Aldin
Gallery Price £245

Many Happy Returns of the Day

Original chromolithograph
By Cecil Aldin
Image size 10.5 x 28 inches
Gallery Price £435

Mini Children's Frieze

Original chromolithograph after Cecil Aldin
Dated c1905
Gallery Price £395

Novices and Old Hounds

Photolithograph by Cecil Aldin
12 x 18 inches
Gallery Price £325

The Durham Ox

Original tinted lithograph
By A Ducotte
Published 1840
Very rare, not in The Rothampsted Collection Catalogue
Image size13 x 16 inches
Gallery Price £525

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