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Blimey Wot a Life

Original lithograph published by Fores
Pencil signed by Snaffles
Gallery Price £875

Far Away Echo

Signed and titled in watercolour and with a full watercolour vignette of a fox all by Snaffles . An incredibly rare version of one of Snaffles most loved and enduring images
Lithograph After Snaffles
Published by Fores c1916
Gallery Price £1,450

Forrard on me Lads and hit' em...'ard

Original collotype by Snaffles
Signed in pencil
20 x 24 inches
Gallery Price £975

Gentleman Unafraid

Lithograph By Snaffles
Signed and blindstamped.
Published by Fores
Gallery Price £895


Lithograph by Snaffles
Pencil Signed
Published 1918
Gallery Price £695

Once Upon A Time

Lithograph by Snaffles
Published by Fores
Pencil signed and blindstamped

The Communications Trench

Original signed lithgraph by Gilbert Holliday
Signed in pencil
Dated c1917
Image size 10 1/2 x 13 inches
Gallery Price £245

The Gunner

Hand Coloured Lithograph by Snaffles
Published by Fores
Gallery Price £495


Hand Coloured Lithograph by Snaffles.
Published by Fores.
Gallery Price £425

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