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A Hunting We Will Go

A Hunting we will Go
Original chromolithograph
By Cecil Aldin
Published c1905
10 x 27 inches
Gallery Price £435

Dignity and Impudence

Original lithograph by Cecil Aldin
Gallery Price £245

Free Trade Warranted Sound

Original hand coloured lithograph
By Edwin Landseer
Dated c1860
Extremely rare
17 x 23 1/2 inches
Gallery Price £595

Great Northumberland Ox

Original hand coloured engraving
Published c1828
12 x 14 1/2 inches
Extremely rare, not in the Rothampsted Collection Catalogue
Gallery Price £575

Mini Children's Frieze

Original chromolithograph after Cecil Aldin
Dated c1905
Gallery Price £395

Partridges, A Frosty Morning

Original photolithograph by Archibald Thorburn.
Signed in pencil
31 x 45 cms image size

Snipe in the Marshes

Original colortype by Archibald Thorburn
Signed in pencil by the artist
Published by Embleton 1923

The Bluemarket Races

Original chromolithographs after Cecil Aldin
Complete Set of Bluemarket Races
Superb colour and condition
Published by Lawrence & Bullen 1902
Gallery Price £1,850 the set

The Dealers Man

Original chromolithograph by Lionel Edwards
Published c1910
Gallery Price £375

The First Steeplechase on Record

The Night Riders of Nacton - The First Steeplechase on Record
Set of four original hand coloured aquatints
After Henry Alken
very rare early set published by R Ackerman 1839
Gallery Price £1,950 the set

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