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Set of Four Shooting

Four Shooting Aquatint Engravings
After D. Wolstenholme (1757-1837)
Engraved by R Reeve
Published 1806
17 x 22 inches each
Gallery Price £1,200 the set

Set of Six Shooting

Set of Six Shooting Scenes Original hand coloured aquatints by C Hunt after F C Turner Published by J W Laird 1841 20 x 15 inches each Fine early impressions £1,500 the set August Grouse Shooting, September Partridge Shooting, October Pheasant Shooting, November Woodcock Shooting, December Duck Shooting, January Snipe Shooting


Original chromolithgraph from the set of 12 British Sports and Past Times by Cecil Aldin
Signed in pencil
Gallery Price £395

Skating, Traditional Sport

Original Chromolithograph by Cecil Aldin.
From the series of twelve Traditional British Sports
Signed in pencil
Published c1905
Gallery Price £345

Snipe in the Marshes

Original colortype by Archibald Thorburn Signed in pencil by the artist Published by Embleton 1923 Gallery Price £475

Snipe Shooting

Etching by Charles Whymper
Published by the Fine Art Society 1886
Pencil Signed
16 x 22 inches

Spring Fishing on the Dee

Original dry point etching
Signed by the Wilkinson

St Andrews

St. Andrews Golf Club picture. A rare etching of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club Clubhouse, done for the bicentenary by Wilfred Appleby.
This is a Limited edition, No. 10/75
Gallery Price £1,750

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