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Original colotype
by Archibald Thorburn
From the set of four Seasons
Signed in pencil by Thorburn
Image size 35 x 44cm
Published 1927
Gallery Price £675


Original Stipple Engraving
By George Stubbs
Dated 1817
40 x 51 cms
Fine impression of one of Stubbs first race horse portraits


Aquatint after Pollard
Published c1815
Gallery Price £325


Original photolithograph by Cecil Aldin
Published c1925
Gallery Price £245

Basses and Contraltos

Original chromolithograph
By Cecil Aldin
Image size 10.5 x 28 inches
Gallery Price £435

Bath Abbey

Original photolithograph, fine condition
Signed in pencil by Aldin
Image size 30 x 41 cms
Gallery Price £245

Bath Time

Original chromolithograph
by Cecil Aldin
Published c1905
Gallery Price £345

Behind Time

Original photolithograph after Aldin
Dated c1925
Gallery Price £525

Between The Races Bluemarket Races

Original chromolithograph after Cecil Aldin from the Set of Bluemarket Races
Published by Lawrence & Bullen 1902
Complete Set £1,850

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