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The Shot

Rare original goupilgravure
By Cecil Aldin
Image size 42 x 38 cms
Gallery Price £675

The South Berkshire Away from Pearmans Covert

Photolithograph by Cecil Aldin
From the series of Hunting Countries
Gallery Price £575

The Spey Pool

Original dry point etching
Signed in pencil
Gallery Price £375

The Start, Bluemarket Races

Original chromolithograph after Cecil Aldin from the Set of Bluemarket Races
Published by Lawrence & Bullen 1902
Complete Set £1,850

The Stone Wall

Original lithograph After Snaffles
Signed in pencil
Published by Fores 1914
Gallery Price £595

The Stymie

Engraving after Dendy Sadler

The Sweetest Music in All The World

Photolithograph by Cecil Aldin
Gallery Price £375

The Two Scamps

The Two Scamps
Original photolithograph
After Cecil Aldin
Gallery Price £165

The Village Post Office

Original dry point etching by Cecil Aldin
Limited edition signed in pencil
Gallery Price £525

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