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National Candidate

Lithograph after Snaffles
Signed and blindstamped
Published by Fores

Gallery Price £980

New Inn, Gloucester

Photolithograph by Cecil Aldin. Signed in Pencil

New Inn, Gloucester

Original etching by Cecil Aldin Signed in pencil by the artist Gallery Price £545

Nine Points of The Law

Photolithograph after Cecil Aldin
Published 1929
Image size 13 x 19 inches
Gallery Price £575


Original photolithograph by Cecil Aldin
Gallery Price £525


Original Hand Coloured Engraving
Published W Belch c1835
Gallery Price £195

Once Upon A Time

Lithograph by Snaffles
Published by Fores
Pencil signed and blindstamped

Op It!

Chromolithgraph by Cecil Aldin

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