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Market Day

Original chromolithograph by Cecil Aldin
Dated c1901
Gallery Price £435

Market Day in Normandy

Original children's freize by Cecil Aldin
Published c1900
Gallery Price £435

Merry England

Lithograph after Snaffles.
Signed and blindstamped
Published by Fores

Middle House, Mayfield

Photolithograph by Cecil Aldin. Signed in pencil.

Mini Children's Frieze

Original chromolithograph after Cecil Aldin
Dated c1905
Gallery Price £395

Model Who Wouldn't Sit

Original photolithograph by Cecil Aldin
Published c1925
Gallery Price £375

Most Popular Gentleman

Etching by Cecil Aldin
Signed in pencil limited editionImage and signature size 10 x 7 3/4 inches
Gallery Price £875

National Candidate

Lithograph after Snaffles
Signed and blindstamped
Published by Fores

Gallery Price £980

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