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ALDIN, Cecil

Hunt The Slipper

Original chromolithograph by Cecil Aldin
Published c1905
10 x 27 inches
Gallery Price £425

Hyde Park

By Cecil Aldin
11 x 20 inches
Gallery Price £325

I'm Not Your Father

Stone lithograph by Cecil Aldin
Very rare
A stunning image of Cracker and Loopy
10 x 16 inches
Gallery Price £675

Ightam Mote

Original Photolithograph
Pencil Signed by Aldin
Published by Eyre & Spottiswoode
Gallery Price £320

In The Open

Original chromolithograph After Aldin
Published c1905
13 x 24 inches
Gallery Price £425

It Ain't What He Ses

Original photolithograph by Cecil Aldin
Framed in original oak frame
13 x 18 inches
Gallery Price £435

It's lucky Woggles can't climb

It's lucky Woggles can't climb from Aldin's series of incidents in the life of Woggles
12 x 8 1/4 inches
Gallery Price £175 each or £600 the set.

Japanese Boys

Japanese Boys nursery frieze
Original chromolithograph
By Cecil Aldin
14 x 38 inches
Gallery Price £675


Original Photolithograph
By Cecil Aldin
Dated c1925
Signed in pencil
12 x 12 inches
Gallery Price £345